"Packed with extra gore stuffing, ThanksKilling delivers hilarious tongue-and-cheek horror much needed in a genre that has been serious for too long." -- The Horror Yearbook          "This is a campy, over-the-top film that is completely silly and is not to be taken seriously. The best parts are when the turkey is on screen…he is completely hilarious!" -- Fattaly-Yours          "ThanksKilling is a micro-budget gem!" -- HorrorNews.Net          "This film is destined to become a horror cult classic!" -- The Angry Princess          "I'm sure some folks will get a kick out of seeing a turkey rape someone, or seeing flashbacks done through politically incorrect cartoons..." -- Pat Torfe, Arrow In The Head          

Movie Props

Check out some of the movie props and the story behind them from ThanksKilling.

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HERO TURKEY HEADKiller Turkey Head

This was the main latex Killer Turkey head used in the making of ThanksKilling. The area at the base of the throat started to show some wear during production. The eyes fell out occasionally and were super-glued back in place. The mouth once contained a few rows of teeth that fell out after the first couple days of shooting. For the most part, the head held up nicely during the shoot. There were three other heads created which ultimately were destroyed in the shooting of the final scene. Over two years later, the hero head is still intact and can be seen below.

For more information on the making of the Killer Turkey head, visit the Building The Turkey Puppet page.


This Tommahawk was used in the opening scene of ThanksKilling. Dried fake blood still remains on the tip. It was original purchased through an antique’s dealer, with the feathers included.


These are the original pair of glasses that The Killer Turkey wears in his kitchen scene with Sheriff Roud (Chuck Lamb “Dead Body Guy”).


Here is the electric knife that (*Spoilers*) was used in one of the final scenes where Johnny (Lance Predmore) is stabbed and grinded in the gut by The Killer Turkey. The original knife blade was removed and cut in half by FX Artist Troy Smith, who then attached the dulled blade to a plate that strapped onto the actor’s stomach. When the electric knife turned on, it simply vibrated the plate and gave the illusion of the knife grinding away at the gut.


This meat thermometer was used as one of The Killer Turkey’s weapons near the end of the film. As you can see, the point of the needle was cut down and glued to a metal base plate that attached to Darren’s (Ryan Francis’) ass.


This rubber fake poo was actually a rubber prank hamburger patty. It was cut in half and made to look more like a literal piece of shit! It was used in a scene where Sheryl the Step Mom pours a cup of coffee. You’ll have to check out the film to see why…


The totem was originally purchased on eBay by Kevin Stewart, who was under the impression that it stood 3 or 4 feet tall. When it arrived in the mail, it was 6” tall. In a way, this adds humor to the scenes it’s used in. In the movie, the totem is in the woods marking the burial place of The Killer Turkey. Beware!


This is a small face that Troy Smith, the special make-up effects supervisor, designed for a special scene in the movie. You will have to watch and see how it’s used…


This cheap little felt and bead necklace was purchased on eBay as The Killer Turkey’s talisman that he wears around his neck. The kids in the movie at one point refer to it as “The turkey’s stupid thingy”. It can be seen in one of the final scenes when Johnny strips it away from The Killer Turkey.


This is an unused chest cavity prosthetic that Troy Smith (FX Artist) created for Darren’s chest. The piece that was used was attached to a fake foam body and was destroyed in the making of the film.


Here is the extremely cheaply made book prop of “ThanksKilling Night”, written by Russell Brown (fake). This is the book the main characters in the movie must find to help solve how to kill the turkey. It was quickly designed on Photoshop and printed on regular paper, then glued to a folded piece of cardboard. Low budget at its best!

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