"Packed with extra gore stuffing, ThanksKilling delivers hilarious tongue-and-cheek horror much needed in a genre that has been serious for too long." -- The Horror Yearbook          "This is a campy, over-the-top film that is completely silly and is not to be taken seriously. The best parts are when the turkey is on screen…he is completely hilarious!" -- Fattaly-Yours          "ThanksKilling is a micro-budget gem!" -- HorrorNews.Net          "This film is destined to become a horror cult classic!" -- The Angry Princess          "I'm sure some folks will get a kick out of seeing a turkey rape someone, or seeing flashbacks done through politically incorrect cartoons..." -- Pat Torfe, Arrow In The Head          

The Ultimate Low Budget Experience

Jordan Downey, Kevin Stewart, and the Turkey

Jordan Downey, Kevin Stewart, and the Turkey

You now have all access to the future of low-budget killer turkey movies!

ThanksKilling is about a fowl-mouthed homicidal turkey axing off college kids during Thanksgiving break. It is an independent horror film that was made for under $3,500 in 11 days. It later got a small investment to help complete the marketing and distribution of the film. It’s campy, twisted, and down right hilarious.

More than just a film, ThanksKilling is an experience. It started with two guys setting out to see how much they could do, with so little. Casting was done in a garage, the turkey puppet fell apart by the end of the film, and distribution came and went many times. The film was shot in 2007 when creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey were still in college, and it took another two years to finish.

ThanksKilling promises nothing but a cheesy good time. It’s the perfect cult film to watch with drinks around Halloween or especially during Thanksgiving! Laugh at it because it’s funnylaugh at it because it’s badit’s meant to be taken with a grain of salt. There’s a lot to be learned in setting out to shoot and somehow find distribution for an independent feature film. If nothing else, ThanksKilling is an example of how much time and energy that process takes, no matter what the subject matter is.

DVD Release

ThanksKilling DVDFinally, the long awaited killer turkey slasher is out on DVD through Amazon. A digital version of the film will also be available for download through iTunes, Blockbuster, Amazon, Playstation 3 and WBshop. Maybe there will be some bootlegs out there too?! If you’re a Netflix user, rent the movie and have it delivered straight to your door for Thanksgiving festivities.

No matter how brutally honest, everything about ThanksKilling can be found on this site. From the script files, to a detailed look at how the turkey was built, to links for getting your own film in stores, we want to give back every inside bit of info on the making of this film. We hope you have fun browsing through the madness that is ThanksKilling.

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Gobble, Gobble, Motherfuckers!

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